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The book is here! The BOOK IS HERE!

After months of extremely long nights, crazy creative sessions and frantic printer conversations, our book, a children's Christmas Christian adventure, has arrived! We took on this amazing project and kicked in to high gear because we knew that 2020 was the year to release this story. We also knew that 2020 was the year that people needed a little more Jesus in their lives. It's been an amazing journey and we are just getting started!

We have had a saying over the last several months... "It's a God thing." To us, this means that we are not in control. When we have run in to obstacles and possible delays, things have worked out for us every time in a way that we can't explain. Obstacles have been removed and people have continued to step in to help us to achieve these extremely aggressive goals. We are so grateful for the many people that have been instrumental in making this project happen.

The one person that we must thank for all of her dedication and commitment is our amazing Illustrator, Kenzie Stringo. She was able to bring this story to life with fantastic illustrations and she did it in RECORD time. The average illustrator turnaround for a 35 page book is 8 months and Kenzie did it in 45 days - with tons of edits and changes from us along the way. Having her as our illustrator was definitely one of our "It's a God thing" moments.

We truly hope that you enjoy this book. We can't wait to hear all about your family's new Jesus birthday tradition and see lots of pics as you make His special birthday cake! Thank you for giving us a chance and helping us to get this special message out in this very non-traditional year!

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