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Jennifer W. Hill - Author

Newbie to the writing world, Jenn Hill taught school for 15 years and loved every minute of it. During her time in the classroom she grew to adore young minds and how they think. The ages of her students ranged from 7 years old to 18 and one thing remained the same among all of them; they loved holidays and traditions.


Jenn married her childhood best friend, Heath and the two of them have raised two young men, Hayes (18) and Holt (14). They live in Rockwall, Tx. in a community that is all about family, friends and faith.


Jenn can be seen in a tennis skirt whether she’s cleaning house, lounging on the boat or teaching bible study. Being on the tennis court with her BFF’s, hubby or an amazing opponent is her favorite hobby next to being a connoisseur of a bowl of good queso. 


Writing a children’s book has always been on her bucket list and she’s finally found the time to make this dream come true. Along with the help of a very talented friend, “The Best Birthday Cake in the History of Ever,”  was realized.


Her simple wish is this legacy about the love of Christ and the celebration of Christmas touches each and every heart that
chooses to read this first book in a series of many to come.


Mary M. Walker - Author

As an award winning creative writer and a marketing/branding strategist for over 20 years, Mary Walker jumped at the chance to help "The Best Birthday Cake in the History of Ever" come to life.


Together, Mary and Jenn worked to create a rhyming adventure of the Hill family's true story of their holiday tradition that celebrates the birth of Christ. Through dedication, long nights, laughter and tears, this amazing story is finally ready to touch the lives of Christian children across the country.

A Louisiana native, Mary attended LSU and graduated with a degree in Mass Communication and Business Administration. She moved to Texas in 2000 to expand her career and opened her own marketing consulting company in 2005.

Mary is a  wife of 14 years to Jeff and a proud mom to Andrew (10) and identical twin girls, Madilyn (5) and Abigail (5). They live in the small lake town of Rockwall, Texas and attend CLife Community church.

In her free time, you will find Mary with Jenn on the tennis courts as they and their families both love the sport.

Mary's desire is for this story to touch the lives of so many families that know that Christmas is meant to be less about presents and Santa and more about the celebration of Jesus.


Kenzie Stringo - Illustrator

Kenzie Stringo is a self-taught freelance artist who grew up in the sleepy fishing town of Port O’Connor, Texas.  Raised along the South Texas Gulf Coast, nautical themes tend to trickle into her work.  She was highly supported by her family and community entering almost every local art contest imaginable (and even won a few).  


Kenzie’s inspiration comes from her love of drawing.  She has drawn passionately since she was about 12 years old.  She uses art as a means of wellness and a comfort that compares to nothing else.  She is most thankful for her family and friends for all of their encouragement, love and support. Lastly, she could not leave out the incredible talent that her Art Teacher in high school passed on to her.  She pushed Kenzie to boundaries that she was confident she could achieve.  


Currently, Kenzie is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With a great passion for illustration and character design, she loves to create pieces of work that showcase diversity and the great possibility within characters for everyone to enjoy. She has been told that her art contains captivating emotion and personality. Her style tends to be very flexible, from classic cartoon to photo realism! Whenever she is taking a break from art, she loves to play the piano and/or ukulele in her spare time.


Kenzie is a young, new artist constantly looking for avenues to grow and improve her skills. Illustrating her first book at such a young age is a dream come true and such an amazing opportunity. She has amazing talent in both traditional art and digital art. It is her dream to work in the film industry and design exciting and memorable characters.

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